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5 Reasons You Should Add ‘Wildblood’ By Lauren Blackwood To Your TBR List Right Now

This week, Lauren Blackwood’s latest novel, Wildblood, hit the shelves of your local bookstores and is available for purchase on your preferred e-reader.

It’s likely that Blackwood’s novel was already on your most-anticipated books of 2023 list (especially if you had the chance to read her debut, Within These Wicked Walls), but if it wasn’t, it’s not too late to add it now!

I won’t go into too much detail in this short introduction because I want you to read for yourselves why Wildblood is one book that you absolutely must read.

Wildblood cover. (Courtesy of Macmillan Publishers)

1. Jamaican Folklore

Wildblood author, Lauren Blackwood, is Jamaican-American and was sure to highlight Jamaican culture in her newest novel. This is something that isn’t seen enough (especially in the YA genre), so it was Not only is the book set in Jamaica, but the story features folklore from the culture as the novel’s protagonist fights through a monster-infested jungle and colonialism.

2. Interesting Characters

It’s always great to pick up a book with fascinating characters, and you certainly get that within this tale. Much like Blackwood’s previous story, the characters in here are just as memorable. The book’s protagonist, Victoria, is an 18-year-old with magic who was kidnapped at the age of six and manipulated by the Exotic Lands Touring Company. Victoria has to deal with her untrustworthy ex, Dean, while a new man, Thorn, enters her life to further turn things upside down. Some characters have things to hide, and others are simply trying to survive the hand that life has dealt them, but all of them are intriguing and make an impact on the story.

3. Wonderfully Written

Blackwood is quite the wordsmith, and if you read her debut novel, Within These Wicked Walls, you know just what I’m talking about. While there can be many factors that pull one into a book, it takes impeccable writing to keep you turning the pages. Wildblood succeeds in this due to Blackwood’s writing talent and how she creates the story and focuses on the characters and the tale she’s trying to tell.

4. Wicked World-building

A great thing about reading is imagining the world that is created by the author. While Wildblood is set in a real place, the elements that Blackwood weaves into the story create something unique. From soul-devouring women who can shed their skin like snakes to river spirits to an ex that is seeking revenge, Blackwood’s world-building in the novel is imaginative and captures a reader’s attention.

5. Thrilling Twists

What’s a great story without a few twists? Of course, we cannot give too much away, but there are some great twists in Wildblood that will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat.

Lauren Blackwood’s Wildblood is available for purchase both digitally and at your local book store!

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