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Bruno Gouery and Samuel Arnold Talk Season 3 of ‘Emily in Paris’, Character Arcs & More – Interview

Everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure, Emily in Paris, is back for its third season on Netflix!

Leading up to the season three debut, I had the opportunity to speak with series stars Bruno Gouery and Samuel Arnold about the new season and the evolution their characters, Luc and Julien, have experienced, respectively, on the show.

The characters of Luc and Julien have been part of some of the most comedic highlights of Emily in Paris thus far, and this latest season is no different. However, audiences will learn more about Luc and Julien this season and experience growth for these characters that weren’t necessarily at the forefront of past seasons.

Gouery and Arnold were pleased that viewers would be able to see more of Luc and Julien this season and learn more about their characters. In reference to Julien this season, Arnold said, “Well, I think that when we met those characters, they really brought joy and comedy to the show and all help, you know, create that world around Emily. And this season, I feel like we really dive more into the personal of those characters, and we see other sides of them–we see them shine in another light–and I was just so grateful to read the script this season and so happy to be able to define Julien in that sense.”

Check out the full interview with Bruno Gouery and Samuel Arnold below:

Gouery was excited that fans of the show would get to see more of Luc’s personal life this season. Gouery shared, “Yes, it was fantastic to me to discover the private life of Luc, you know? We discover in this season where he lives, what he likes to do outside his job, his past girlfriend. So, it was so so good to me to discover all those things! that give me so much inspiration!”

An element to this season which is a throughline for the characters throughout this season is growth, and Luc and Julien have some great character development this season. For Julien, specifically, Arnold said, “Well, we probably have to talk about the fashion first. It just went [gestures up] like that! Literally, it went over and beyond, and I think it’s a reflection also of the growth of human beings. Their relationships get stronger, and they become more mature, as we become more mature as well playing them. And it’s just so nice to get into a season, and we just get the characters [snaps fingers] like that now.”

If you’re looking forward to things that have happened this season, be sure to catch the end of the interview, where Arnold and Gouery talk about a moment on the set that was one of their favourites to film. In reference to one scene, in particular, Arnold said, “Ya, I think we would both agree that there was one day where he kept making me break character [laughs]. He had a tuxedo, and he messed it up in the scene, and I had to be very upset, but I couldn’t stop laughing because of him. It was such a great day!”

Be sure to watch the third season of Emily in Paris now streaming on Netflix!

Samuel Arnold - Emily in Paris
Samuel Arnold as Julien and Bruno Gouery as Luc in season 3 of of Emily in Paris. (Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 | Stéphanie Branchu)

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