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Interview: Torrian Crawford and Fiona Nova Talk ‘Red Vs Blue: Zero’, The Importance of Representation & More

Rooster Teeth is back with another season of their iconic Red vs Blue series!

This season titled Red Vs Blue: Zero stars Fiona Nova with Torrian Crawford as the new showrunner making this is the first time that the 17-year-old series will have both a Black showrunner and lead voice actress.

(Courtesy of Rooster Teeth)

Earlier this month, I had the chance to sit down with both of them to talk about the series. During our conversation, we spoke about how they got their starts in the industry. Nova spoke about going from being a content creator to joining Achievement Hunter to voicing a character for an animated series and what the journey was like. Crawford spoke about what he learned on Death Battle and gen:LOCK and how he applied it to Red Vs Blue.

We also spoke about the importance in representation, not only in the voice cast but also the writers room, to make a more inclusive show for everyone. To end the interview, the pair gave some really amazing advice to aspiring creators that I definitely advise you listen to!

Watch the interview below:

About Torrian Crawford and Fiona Nova

Torrian Crawford began his career with Rooster Teeth in 2014 as the entertainment studio’s lead animator. Since his time with the company, Crawford has taken on the role of Animation Director for the hit web-series Death Battle and has also animated and fight choreographed for the Streamy nominated animated series, gen: LOCK starring Michael B. Jordan.

Fiona Nova is a content creator and on-screen talent for Rooster Teeth’s comedy-based gaming channel, Achievement Hunter. Nova is a central cast member and appears in several Rooster Teeth weekly series including live stream gameplay series, podcasts and online shorts. Prior to joining Rooster Teeth, Fiona had amassed a following online for her own Twitch streams and social media content.

Watch Red Vs Blue: Zero right here.

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