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SDCC 2019: First Look at Infinity Train

The internet has a really good way of taking something and hyping it up.  This was the case a couple of years ago when a pilot for a show was dropped.  It was called Infinity Train and featured a courageous young girl, an interesting looking robot, and a corgi king.  The artwork was charming and the pilot was intriguing, and so all-in-all, the internet was sold and already asking for a full show.  You can watch that initial pilot down below.

A bit of silence goes by until this year for Comic Con.  A fully-flushed season has been created for the show and it seems just as exciting and mysterious as we all thought it was at first.  The pilot left a lot of questions to be answered: Where was Tulip? Why was she on a train? What’s the deal with the number on her hand? What’s the deal with the monster-looking thing and most importantly, will we see more corgis?


The panel went into detail about what fans can expect (though, of course, no spoilers were given).  The creator Owen Dennis even admitted that he hadn’t expected much to happen after the initial pilot and was surprised by the audience excitement.  Most of all, the whole point of the series now is to keep audiences guessing despite some deep questions audience members had.  All those questions asked after the pilot continue to be asked with only crumbs of hints handed out.  However, it makes the story all the more exciting and intriguing, and I can’t wait to see what other sorts of craziness is on that train.  Plus, the main character (Tulip) is voiced by none other than Ashley Johnson, known for her roles on Blindspot, The Last of Us, and Critical Role.

The Comic Con panel gave us a tease of the first official episode of the show.  Infinity Train will premiere on Cartoon Network this August with a five-day special.

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