Music Recommendation Monday: January Releases

Last year we got the pleasure of being graced with so many wonderful albums, EPs, and singles. January kicked off the year with some amazing new music that is a must-listen! I’ve rounded up some of my favourite releases from last month. Maybe you’ve heard some, or maybe some are new to you. Check them out on your favourite music streaming app!

Lizzo – “Juice”: Lizzo is back with another fun stand-out single that will certainly be stuck on repeat. “Juice” is an amazing upbeat track that is bound to keep you moving. If it’s not on your playlist already, what are you waiting for?

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

Ariana Grande – “7 Rings”: Ariana graces us with yet another smash hit from her up-and-coming album – Thank you, Next. Ariana delivers us a new yet familiar sound that also includes her rapping.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

Luna – Even So (Album): Luna returns after her previous mini-album, Free Somebody with her Even So single album. A beautiful return with sultry sounds and soothing ballads, my song recommendation is: “Do You Love Me” ft. George.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes]

Hikaru Utada- Face My Fears (EP): Get ready Kingdom Hearts fans, Hikaru Utada is back! For her latest Face My Fears EP, she teams up with Skrillex for some new fun and exciting music. My song recommendation is: “Don’t Think Twice“.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes]

Toro y Moi – Outer Peace (Album): Toro returns with a familiar, yet fresh album. If you’re looking for something funky and fun, be sure to start here. My song recommendation is: “Laws of the Universe”.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

Kehlani- “Nights Like This” ft. Ty Dolla Sign: Kehlani is back, but this time expressing her frustrations about a previous relationship through her art. She takes us on a ride through the ups-and-downs of her love life. This song is a hit, congratulations to the expectant mother!

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

Sam Smith & Normani – “Dancing with a Stranger”: A sultry, yet bouncy track released by Sam Smith featuring Normani. This record is perfect for late night drives, or contemplating past loves and loneliness.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

J. Cole – “Middle Child”: J. Cole returns with his brand new single, exciting longtime fans who have been waiting for a hot minute. He states that he wouldn’t diss for clout or for nothing, but seemingly takes some shots at Kanye. What do you think?

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

Florence + The Machine – “Moderation”: Florence + The Machine is back with a song that sounds like something we’ve heard before, but the magic of this band always shines through. The song takes inspiration from the 60s, which is elevated to great heights by Florence Welch’s vocals. It’s a great follow up to their 2018 album, High as Hope.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

Dua Lipa – “Swan Song”: The One Kiss singer is back with a fight song for the upcoming sci-fi action flick, Alita: Battle Angel (set to be released February 14). Despite what you may or may not have heard about the movie, this song is good enough to stand on its own and I like the line, “Staying quiet is the same as dying” (obviously a reference to the movie). Take a listen if you haven’t already.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

Tori Kelly – “Change Your Mind”: If you haven’t checked out Tori’s new single, maybe I can change your mind. Tori Kelly doesn’t get enough credit for her music and the soulful sound (mistakenly labelled as pop) is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t sleep on Kelly, take a listen ASAP.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

Ashley Tisdale – “Love Me & Let Me Go”: Ashley makes her return to music with this new Coachella-esque single. And, I mean that in the best way possible.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

Tiffany Young – “Born Again”: Tiffany is back with her fourth single, and this one is from her upcoming EP. This sweet jam describes a brand new love that has her feeling born again.

[Links: Spotify, iTunes, Tidal]

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1 comment on “Music Recommendation Monday: January Releases

  1. Production quality was nice for “Even So”! For the “Born Again” video, I liked Tiffany Young’s voice, but the lip-syncing was bothering me.


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