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GoC Monthly Jams: September

The summer breezed right past and many of us may wish we kept our mouths shut about how hot it was. October is now upon us, and it’s time to layer the clothes, drink hot chocolates, watch those scary movies and eat some sweets! Sounds like a great October, right? Wrong. You need some sweet jams to warm your soul. Each month we will offer a curated list of new or old artists that you should check out. Here is a list of artists and songs that the GoC team have been jamming to throughout September and you should definitely add to your playlists now! Also, be sure to check out last months curated list here.

a3030890583_101. Scallops Hotel

Rory Ferreira, better known by his musical name Scallops Hotel, is a rapper and producer from Milwaukee.  Scallops Hotel released his first solo album, I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here, back in 2011 and ever since then he has been producing great music.  His lyrics are heartfelt and his beats rely heavily on slow jazz or folk samples. These things together make his music extremely relatable and down to earth, while still bringing heavy psychedelic vibes to the hip-hop he makes.  His newest album budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies is a perfect example of this psych-hip hop that is unique to Milo is short but definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of Elucid or Nostrum Grocer. [Links: SpotifyiTunesTidal.]

2. Soft Hair

Staying in the psychedelic realm of music; Soft Hair is a psych-pop project backed by New Zealand singer/songwriter Connan Mockasin and British musician/producer Sam Dust. Their first and only album Soft Hair (containing only eight songs) debuted in 2016. If you are a fan of other psych-pop groups I promise the funky samples, synthesizers and ranging vocals will not disappoint.  We’re all hoping for some new Soft Hair releases soon. [Links: SpotifyiTunesTidal.]

3. Amber Mark

If you are a fan of LION BABE or Raveena you will definitely want to start listening to Amber Mark.  The R&B artist released her debut album 3:33am last year in 2017.  Ever since we have been waiting anxiously for her to release more music.  Her smooth vocals and gorgeous range will have you going from in your feels to up and dancing before you know it.  3:33am is a breakup album that anyone can relate to because it isn’t just full of the typical sad heartbroken ballads; but if filled with refreshing variety. [Links: SpotifyiTunesTidal.]

4. Hayley Kiyoko

I’m sure by now you all know the synth-pop queen Hayley Kiyoko and if you don’t, you should!  Kiyoko can do it all; she is a singer, songwriter, dancer and choreographer. She is currently taking the pop world by storm. After releasing hit singles “Curious” and “Girls Like Girls”, Kiyoko released her first full album early this year. If you are a fan of the synth-pop genre that is extremely popular in the music world currently, you will surely love Hayley Kiyoko. [Links: SpotifyiTunesTidal.]

5. Grapetooth

Grapetooth is a New Wave and garage rock throwback duo from Chicago.  Clay Frankel and Chris Bailoni met in 2012. Their mutual admiration for the Japanese 80’s New Wave led them to form Grapetooth and they have released three singles this year.  Each single is an awesome modern take on the New Wave genre, and there is no way to listen to them and not dance.  If you are a fan of new wave or 80’s music check out Grapetooth, and if you are ever in Chicago try to catch one of their live shows; they are infamously just as wild and “dance til you drop” as the music they perform. [Links: SpotifyiTunesTidal.]

idk6. IDK

Jason Mills, better known as IDK or Jay IDK, is a rapper from Maryland.  Mills released his first mixtape SubTrap, which he has said stands for “substantial trap”, in 2015.  He followed this up with his debut studio album IWasVeryBad which was released last year through Adult Swim.  We have been jamming to this album since it’s release in 2017, it’s hard-hitting album with well-written bars and heavy trap beats never get old.  If you’re a fan of trap, or like rappers like Kendrick Lamar or Isaiah Rashad you should check out IDK. [Links: SpotifyiTunesTidal.]

7. The Babe Rainbow

We had an 80’s throwback band on this list already, so we had to throw in 70’s throwback band The Babe Rainbow.  If you are a fan of 1970’s hippie rock you should check out their first album The Babe Rainbow, which released last year, as well as their second album Double Rainbow that was released this year. This quirky all-male band out of South Wales, U.K. is a great listen if you want to just chill out and feel good going into the stressful school year. Check em’ out! [Links: SpotifyiTunesTidal.]


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