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Overwatch Nerf to Bring D.Va’s Blaster

Blizzard’s Overwatch has taken the world by storm with its gameplay and lore, and now it’s going to take the toy stores by storm with its collaboration with Nerf.

Not too long ago at San Diego Comic Con 2018, Overwatch had first announced that Reaper’s Wight-skinned Hellfire shotgun is jumping from the screen and into our hands as a Nerf toy gun.  The detailing and cosmetic of the shotgun is a near exact replica of the one that Reapers uses in the game.


Photo via Polygon


Now, a new addition has been announced at Shanghai’s ChinaJoy that will be joining this Overwatch Nerf line-up.  The next character’s weapon that will be joining Reaper’s shotgun is resident mech operator Hana Song, most notably known as D.Va (did you expect me to say Hammond?).  While D.Va is often in her mech, operating the giant machinery while in combat, she is also equipped with a pistol blaster for when she is ejected out into the playing field.  Her Light Blaster will soon be, just like Reaper’s shotgun, a Nerf gun available for purchase.


Photo via Polygon

The line of toys will be officially released in 2019.  Prices and specific dates of launch have not yet been released.

Source: Polygon

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