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Everything We Know About ‘Spider-Man’ for PS4

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest SDCC news, you’re well aware that Spider-Man PS4 is fast approaching. The game drops on September 7th, but there’s plenty of information that we both have, and don’t have. To make sure you’re up to date with all the information of the game’s release, keep reading! Here’s everything we know so far about Spider-Man for PS4.

digital edition

Source: Playstation.Blog

  1. Some spectacular editions

According to James Stevenson at Insomniac Games, there are 3 different editions of the game, each varying in content, and price. The Standard Edition is listed as $59.99 USD, and is available for both retail, and digital. The Standard Edition features the Spider-Man PS4 game, but upgrading to the Digital Deluxe Edition for $79.99 USD will get you a copy of the game, as well as access to post-launch DLC in the Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps series. The DLC includes new missions, new villains, and new suits as well. More details have yet to be revealed, but the Deluxe Digital Edition also comes with a collectible pin. The last edition is the Collector’s Edition priced at $149.99, and with it comes everything in the Digital Deluxe Edition, along with a Steelbook case featuring exclusive art from Titan Books , and a Spider-Man statue from Gentle Giant. There are also pre-order bonuses available regardless of which edition you buy. By pre-ordering, you can grab everything from the Spidey Suit Pack, to extra skill points to use in-game, there are plenty of bonuses for fans. So far the Spidey Suit Pack includes Spider-Punk, Iron Spider (inspired by Marvel Studios’ Infinity War), and an original “Velocity” suit created by Adi Granov that is also rumored to include a speed boost.

ps4 bundle

Source: Playstation.Blog

2. An amazing PS4 Bundle

Considering the original PS3 debuted with the Spider-Man font, it only feels fitting that Sony design a new PS4 for the release of Spider-Man. By now, you probably already know that Spider-Man PS4 is a PS4 exclusive, however just recently it was revealed that there is a limited edition PS4 Bundle to be released alongside the game. The bundle features a red PS4 (Sony is apparently calling it “Amazing Red”) with a red controller. The PS4 has a huge white spider logo on it, and it comes with a physical copy of the game, along with DLC vouchers. Pre-orders for the limited edition bundle start at $399.99 USD, so start saving if you already haven’t!


Source: CNET

3. The ultimate rogue’s gallery

Plenty of Spider-Man games in the past have featured a stacked cast. Check out some examples from our countdown article for more details. A hero is only as good as their villains, and part of what makes Spider-Man one of the most iconic, and recognizable characters in pop culture is his rogue’s gallery. Spider-Man PS4 will feature the likes of Norman Osborn, Mister Negative, Kingpin, Shocker, Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, and Taskmaster. And those are only the ones we know about right now. The story itself revolves around a new gang called the Inner Demons moving into Kingpin’s territory after he’s been deposed by Spider-Man. What the Inner Demon’s plans are for the city has yet to be revealed, so it looks like we’ll have to wait to play the game for the full story. It should be noted that Insomniac has previously said that the story is completely original, and not based off of any pre-existing story. In fact, Dan Slott (former writer for Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel Comics) is credited as a writer on the game. So although the characters may seem familiar to fans new, and old we can expect some twists along the way.

supporting cast

Source: Screen Rant

4. A friendly supporting cast

You know what they say: a hero is only as good as his supporting cast. As of now, we’re expected to see appearances from Aunt May, MJ, Miles Morales, and Yuri Watanabe. There are also reportedly cameos/references from The Avengers, and Daredevil. Black Cat, is also said to make an appearance, but it’s uncertain right now whether she’s a friend, or foe. Similarly, Silver Sable is featured, although supposedly as a hired gun for Norman Osborn (who is mayor of New York City). Both Black Cat, and Silver Sable have history with Spider-Man in canon, and both also have been opposing, and supporting forces throughout the history of the character. The game features a 23 year old Peter Parker just about to graduate from college, so this is a Spider-Man who’s settled into a routine with his life. We’ll have to stay tuned to see how MJ, and Miles fit into the overarching plot.

Which aspect of the game are you most excited by? Be sure to share the article, and stay tuned for more details! “Spider-Man” swings onto PS4 on September 7th, 2018!


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