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Lobo Debuting in Live-Action as Villain in Season 2 of ‘Krypton’

During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Syfy revealed new details about the forthcoming sophomore season of Krypton. The second season’s big bad is none other than everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo.

Krypton’s second run, which premieres sometime in 2019, has yet to cast the role. Furthermore, information on how exactly the character will fit into the show’s narrative remains under wraps.

Spoilers follow for Krypton Season 1.

What’s promised, however, is an expansion on last season’s finale. Ultimately, Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather, and his allies succeed in saving Krypton from Braniac’s takeover attempt. Yet, all isn’t well. The final few moments see Seg-El trapped in the Phantom Zone, General Zod staking his claim as the new authority on Krypton, and Doomsday on the loose.

According to showrunner Cameron Welsh, many of these circumstances will still be in play once the new season debuts. But the state of the show’s world will change immensely, as the story picks up four to five months after Season 1 concludes.

Krypton Courtesy of Syfy

Krypton Courtesy of Syfy

Via, Welsh teases, “The Krypton we come back to in Season 2 is vastly different. Zod has knowledge of the future and that feeds into his actions in our present day.” Other characters will receive similar development. For instance, fans should expect deeper exploration of Adam Strange’s life; big changes are coming for Nyssa Vex, too.

The show will also take audiences beyond Krypton. Apparently, a trip to the Phantom Zone and Braniac’s homeworld of Colu is on the horizon. With news of Lobo’s joining Krypton, perhaps his planet, Czarnia, may make an appearance… probably in flashbacks, if he’s already destroyed it.

Currently, Krypton Season 2 is without an official release date.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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