Voice Actor Reveals Another Classic Villain’s Involvement in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Based on the E3 gameplay Insomniac showed off recently, we know the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man is packed with villains. The Sinister Six are clearly involved in the game’s plot; they no doubt have nefarious plans in store. However, only five of the six were featured in the showcase video–Mister Negative, Shocker, Scorpion, Electro, and Rhino. Who’s missing of the bunch? According to voice actor, Chris Jai Alex, Doctor Octopus is making an appearance in the forthcoming game.

Alex’s reveal of this interesting detail wasn’t intentional, though. The actor actually let the news slip during an interview with YouTuber, Rick Grimes (via ScreenRant).

In the interview, Alex seemingly explains the scale of the game, talking the hulking size of the enemies Spider-Man faces. It’s in this moment that he unintentionally divulges that Doctor Octopus constitutes one of these villains.

This news isn’t in the least bit surprising, but it does raise an intriguing question about the E3 footage. Is Doc Ock the person Spider-Man sees at the end of the trailer, the one who appears off-screen? Many fans were positing that this individual could be Iron Man or another Avenger. But given the context of the scene in question (Spidey’s fighting the Sinister Six) and this new detail from Chris Jai Alex, Doc Ock may be the subject of the trailer’s cliff-hanger.

Tell us your thoughts and theories on the matter down below.

Spider-Man hits PS4 on September 7.


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