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‘Attack on Titan’ Season 3 to Premiere in U.S. Movie Theaters

Fans of the hit anime Attack on Titan are going to be eating well this July. Season 3 debuts in Japan on July 22. However, those who live in North America will have a chance to partake in some fun two weeks before this date. Funimation just recently picked up the distribution rights for season 3 and are wasting no time in utilizing them. From July 10-11, the first episode of season 3 will debut across 130 theaters in the U.S and Canada.

The event will be a back to back screening of the season 2 recap film, The Roar of Awakening, followed by the first episode of season 3. Fans will be able to feast on the previous delights that were season 2 before moving on to the next course.


The Roar of Awakening via Funimation

Fans should take notice of the one big difference between buying a ticket for the two different days. On July 10 the content will be presented in Japanese with English subtitles. On July 11 the content will be presented in the English dub. Some can be very specific with their viewing of anime so these two dates should accommodate all. If one does want to go to one day over the other, then they should start planning because advance sales begin on June 8.

Funimation Films will soon have the list of all 130 participating theaters across North America up. Start planning your trip this week because one can bet that certain locations will sell out ahead of others. This should prove to be a fun and uniting experience for fans of the series that feel like they do not get a lot of time to unite together. Living in North America does have a few downfalls here and there. Are you going to this event? Let us know on social media and get hyped for the Attack on Titan‘s incoming season 3!

Source: Funimation Films 

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