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GOC Monthly Jams

Hey music geeks, we’re back again with our second installment of monthly jams.  We’ve been listening to a lot of great throwbacks, and many super hot new releases this month.  We hope you like what we’ve been jamming to!

May Jams

Leon Bridges

Messages-Image711501782We were so excited when R&B and Soul singer/songwriter Leon Bridges released his second album Good Things this year.  His music is a refreshing callback to classic R&B, that has had him compared to legends like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, and we have been with it since his first album Coming Home (2015).  His gorgeous voice, wonderful lyrics, and sweet love songs had us singing along all month long

Song Recommendations from Us: “Bad Bad News”, “Brown Skin Girl”

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

rks-498 RKS is a genre defying band from North Carolina. Their unique indie sound, with deep lyrics and dissonant harmonies can be compared to Alt-J or Modest Mouse.  However, the band has stated they also draw influence from artists such as Kings of  Leon, and School Boy Q.

Song Recommendations from Us: “Goodnight Chicago”, “Moody Orange”

Jorja Smith

Jorja-Smith-Press-Shot-1-e1519396644558 (1)Jorja Smith is an R&B singer/songwriter from England.  Her meaningful lyrics, jazz beats, and retro vocals will have you feeling like you’re in a movie all summer long.  We have been super excited about her upcoming album Lost & Found which is set to debut next week.  We have been singing along to her beautiful lyrics all month in anticipation.  If you haven’t already listened to Jorja Smith, now is the time to start!

Song Recommendations for Us: “Teenage Fantasy”, “February 3rd”


Disclosure_-_4_-_Credit_Michaela_Letang-1Let’s move into the pop genre now with Disclosure, an electro-pop/dance music duo from England.  I’m sure you have heard their hits like “You & Me”and  “Latch”.  Their heavy house beats, and awesome vocal collaborations set a perfect tone for all your late night kick backs with friends.  We have been jamming to them this month while waiting for their newest album Ultimatum (2018) to release!

Song Recommendations from Us: “Ultimatum”, “Omen”

Cardi B

cardi-bI think that we all know who Cardi B is by now.  She blew up after her hit single “Bodak Yellow “(2017), and since then has been producing hit after hit.  Her heavy beats, and hyped lyrics can have any crowd yelling along to her songs in seconds.  Since she released her 2018 album Invasion of Privacy we have not been able to stop listening to 90’s influenced beats.

Song Recommendations from Us: “Be Careful”, “Best Life”

James Blake

jamesblake James Blake is a quirky electro-R&B artist based out of London.  His work combined R&B and soul samples with dubstep and house music, so if you jam to electronica Blake is definitely a unique artist in the genre to check out!  He is also a great live performer, we have been jamming to his live music a lot, so make sure to give that a listen as well.  It will have you feeling like you are right there at his concert.

Song Recommendations from Us: “Love What Happened Here”, December 2017 Live Performances

Pharrell Williams


We all know Pharrell, the singer, songwriter, and producer has been cranking out hits since the late 90’s, and he is still going strong.  Throughout the years he has produced many upbeat party jams, that always have heavy 90’s hip hop and R&B influence.  He has also collaborated with so many big name artists to create his music.  If you like 90’s music, or style, definitely give Pharrell’s music a listen.  His songs will set the mood for all your summer kickbacks, especially his new single “Sangria Wine” that just came out this year.

Song Recommendations from Us: “Sangria Wine”, “Know Who You Are (ft. Alicia Keys)”


unnamedGoapele Mohlabane is a contemporary R&B singer/songwriter who grew up in Oakland, CA.  Her lyrics are unique and amazingly crafted, coupled with her soothing vocals, her music will sweep you gently off of your feet. She has said that her influences range from Nina Simone to Portishead.  Besides being an amazing songwriter, Goapele is also an activist, which leads her to write socially conscious music that is not only beautiful but also meaningful.

Song Recommendations from Us: “Hey Boy (Strong as Glass)”, “Closer”

Shawn Mendes


We’re circling back to the pop genre, with hot new singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes. Most of you have probably heard of the trendy singer by now, but if you haven’t he is definitely worth listening to if you like mellow acoustic pop.  His newest album will set the perfect tone for relaxed summer days.

Song Recommendations from Us: “Where Were You In the Morning”, “Youth feat. Khalid”

Celine Dion 


Why have we been listening to Celine Dion this month?  Well the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, obviously!  Since her new song released in the soundtrack and movie, we have been revisiting her old music and jamming to her new song.  Celine Dion is a legendary diva and singer, who has sang many iconic ballads throughout her years.  If you’re feeling dramatic, or emotional, definitely put on some Celine Dion!

Song Recommendations from Us: “Ashes (Deadpool 2 Soundtrack)”, “My Heart Will Go On” 



Junglepussy is a quick-witted rapper who gained a good sized online following after the release of her first single “Cream Team”.  Her no nonsense beats, and tongue in cheek lyrics have built her following ever since, and we are glad that she is gaining the notoriety that she deserves!  We have been listening to her all month since her album Jp3 released this year.  If you are a fan of Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, or other female rap artists, Junglepussy is someone who should be on your radar.

Song Recommendations from Us: “All of You”, “Nothing For Me”

Ric Wilson

ricwilson_001Ric Wilson is a Chicago native rap artist and activist who is well known in his community as a fun loving and smart goofball.  He has worked with big name artists in the hip hop and R&B world such as Chuck D, DRAM, and The Roots.  His funk/disco influenced samples and beats coupled with his witty political lyrics, will have you grooving and thinking about the world around you all night. His new album Banda just came out this year, and is a great place to start if you haven’t listened to his music before.  Wilson is definitely an artist that deserves our support.

Song Recommendations from Us: “Don’t Rush”, “Sinner”

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