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George R.R. Martin’s ‘The Ice Dragon’ to Become Animated Movie

HBO’s Game of Thrones might be ending after its 8th season but George R.R. Martin is not done just yet.

His children’s fantasy novel The Ice Dragon is being adapted into an animated film by Warner Animation Group. The author will serve as a producer, but it is still unclear if he will be writing the script himself. Martin recently announced that the latest novel in his A Song of Ice and Fire series The Winds of Winter won’t be released in 2018, but that he would still continue to work on it. The statement might be an indication that he won’t be penning the script, but it is confirmed that he’ll be actively involved in the production of the animated feature.

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The Ice Dragon does not take place in Westeros or Essos–in fact, Martin has denied claims that the stories take place in the same universe. While similar, Ice Dragon does not match any of the known history of the Song of Ice and Fire series. The children’s novel follows seven-year-old Adara and her ice dragon as they protect their village from the Northern fiery dragons. The Ice Dragon can be found in Martin’s Dreamsongs anthology.

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