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Boba Fett Movie In Development; James Mangold To Write & Direct

The Hollywood Reporter released an exclusive announcement today that Lucasfilm has announced a Boba Fett movie will be in development, with Logan co-writer and director James Mangold.

Boba Fett was introduced in 1980’s Empire Strikes Back and then appeared in 1983’s Return of the Jedi as the silent but armor-clad mercenary who brings Han Solo to the slug-like crime lord Jabba the Hutt. Despite having a helmet over his face, no lines and a very limited screen appearance that ended in his death, the character, with his jet pack and battle-scared armor, grew to cult status.

THR also reports that X-Men and The Martian’s Simon Kindberg will also be working on this upcoming Fett movie.

Boba Fett is the latest addition to movies in development by Disney and Lucasfilm, with reports of an Obi Wan standalone film being developed as well.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I have mixed feelings about this. Boba had a great start in Empire, a sad way to go in RotJ, so I worry if they make him awesome in his own film, the way he died in RotJ will be even more anti-climax.

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