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Exclusive: New Photo of Domino in Action for Deadpool 2

We at GOC are pumped for the release of Deadpool 2 in theaters this week and we are especially excited for Zazie Beetz’s Domino! The announcement of her casting as the lucky mercenary shocked many of us, but we have total faith in her skills and word of mouth is that she’s a stand-out hit for the sequel. Deadpool 2 will introduce not only Domino, but an entire roster of the X-Force as Wade Wilson first forms the group in order to save a young mutant boy from the time-traveling Cable. You can even read about some of that in our spoiler-free review! We are excited to announce that our friends at 20th Century Fox have blessed us with an exclusive photo of Zazie’s Domino!

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

One of the things we appreciate about Zazie’s iteration of the character was the decision to allow her to be seen as a Black woman first, rather than cover her up in white makeup like the comics version. Visible representation is important to us and the team behind Deadpool 2 took it a step even further and made Domino’s famous diamond-bordered eye into vitiligo instead. This welcomed addition is quite noticeable in this photo and we hope it contributes to normal visibility for others with the same skin condition.



Deadpool 2 slices its way through theaters May 18, 2018! Check out the kick-ass trailer above!

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