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‘Supernatural’ S13 Ep.20: ‘Unfinished Business’ Review

After his triumphant return a few weeks ago, Gabriel is back and we learn more about his life since he’s been gone.

We start with him confronting one of the gods who sold him out to Asmodeus.

After getting hurt in the fight, he shows up to the Winchesters’ motel room.

The brothers of the demigod Gabriel killed show up for revenge, but the boys kill one while the other gets away.


Osric Chan as Kevin Tran returns to Supernatural in the alternate apocalypse world. Source:

Apparently, Gabriel was living like the Rat Pack until his Norse demigod friends sold him out.

Sam and Dean agree to help him get revenge if he helps defend against Michael.

Dean is hilariously unimpressed with Gabriel’s kill list and revenge plan.

It’s so great that they found a way to bring back Gabriel, as Richard Speight Jr. is an endlessly entertaining vital part of the Supernatural world.

As they attack the penthouse, Dean breaks off and goes after Loki, but of course he’s a real trickster and is ready for them.

In the end, Gabriel kills him, but first he has some harsh yet true words about Gabriel’s life choices.

Speight was spectacular in the serious, mature personality he brought to the real Loki, in contrast to the carefree Gabriel.

Dean admits he’s worried about protecting Sam from another Michael/Lucifer showdown.

In apocalypse world, Jack and Mary discuss recent victories against Balthazar.

Unfinished Business

Samantha Smith as Mary and Alexander Calvert as Jack in the Supernatural episode Unfinished Business. Source: Supernatural Wiki

Michael leaves his compound and Mary sees it for the trap it probably is, while Jack, feeling way too cocky, wants to go in to look for intel.

He left behind Kevin, who tells everyone Michael is planning to invade another world.

Mary cautions restraint, but Jack has too much Lucifer in him and wants to charge in.

Since we know that Michael can’t open a door to the other side without something from it, he’s clearly luring Jack in for that purpose right.

Sadly, it turns out a broken and defeated Kevin is a suicide bomber who just wants to go to Heaven and see his mom again.

Kevin said Michael wanted Jack broken and it seems like he may have finally done it.

Gabriel’s return gave this week a nice balance of comedy and drama. Something sorely needed with the devastation of the apocalypse world looming like a dark cloud.

With just four episodes left in the season, it’s time to see all these different storylines come together.


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