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‘Arrow’ S6 Ep. 20: ‘Shifting Allegiances’ Review

Following last week’s deep dive into Ricardo Diaz’s life, things are sort of back to normal with Rene back home and John working for ARGUS.

We jump right in with Oliver in Russia making a deal with the Bratva. Oliver arranged for Anatoli to be welcomed back to Russia, but he tazes him and gives him to Diaz instead.

Despite them being on opposite sides, the relationship between Oliver and Anatoli has always been one of the series’ most interesting.


Oliver (Stephen Amell, right) tries to reason with Anatoli (David Nykl) about working with Diaz in the Arrow episode Shifting Allegiances. Source: Heroes Vue

The new kids set out to attack the Scorpions to go after Diaz’s drug operation, but it’s actually guns.

As usual, they’re trapped until John shows up to save them. John apologizes for the fight that broke out amongst the team. Of course, Rene is still arrogant and super annoying.

This blame Oliver for everything theme is exhausting and frustrating. None of them would even be heroes without him training them. How about some gratitude?

Diaz wants Laurel to set up a meeting with Quentin so he understands how things work now.

Laurel tells Quentin how scared she is of Diaz because he’s more than a thug. Angry over her betrayal, he kicks her out of his house.

After remembering how he worked for Damien Dark to protect his Laurel, Quentin agrees to Diaz’s demands to help another daughter.


Kirk Acevedo as Ricardo Diaz, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance and Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance in the Arrow episode Shifting Allegiances. Source: Heroes Vue

Rene is having trouble getting back in the field and sits out the mission to destroy the guns.

Turns out Zoe knows everything and is on board with her dad being a vigilante. It’s funny to see someone finally tell them they talk too loud.

Diaz challenges Oliver to a fight for the city. After a gruesome yet great fight, Oliver has the upper hand until Diaz stabs him in the side. So, Oliver now knows he can beat Diaz one on one.

Anatoli is coming around to supporting Oliver again, which will probably get him killed.

In the final moments, Diaz has Oliver arrested, his bail revoked and the trial moved up.

Here’s the thing, as the Green Arrow, Oliver has saved the city and the world several times over. Is the government really trying to punish him for that? Maybe he should’ve just let those aliens invade because vigilantes weren’t legal.

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