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‘Arrow’ S6 Ep.18: ‘Fundamentals’ Review

After everything he’s been through in the last few weeks, Oliver is understandably on edge.

We open with Oliver attacking the police station to get to Diaz. He’s waiting with tons of well armed dirty cops.

We cut to ten hours earlier where Felicity discovers that Diaz shows up to the police station every night.


Quentin (Paul Blackthorne) was Oliver’s only friend in the Arrow episode Fundamentals. Source: Heroes Vue

Felicity tricked John into showing up and they have another argument.

Oliver also has to prepare himself for an impeachment trial and his only friend is Quentin. The more isolated he becomes, the more he goes off the rails.

After he has an outburst with William, Felicity says they should take time apart. It is this moment where things start to get suspicious.

Quentin tries to give him a pep talk and recommends they reach out to agent Watson for help with Diaz. We need to see more of these father/son bonding scenes between Oliver and Quentin. This episode in particular really highlighted how far they’ve come.

When Prometheus shows up, it becomes clear this has all been a terrible hallucination. Though he’s a figment of Oliver’s mind, Prometheus says some true things about how Oliver is his own worst enemy.

Turns out he was dosed with Vertigo by councilman Collins, so everything since then including Felicity leaving was because of the drugs.

He has another hallucination about Laurel before he gets on the Queen’s Gambit and her death. He is then surrounded by the team reminding him of all the mistakes he’s made.

After an imagined visit from Diaz, he sees his old self berating him for having a team.

6x18-green arrow

Oliver goes old school in his original Hood costume. Source: Heroes Vue

He’s about to present his findings to the city council when Quentin tells him to retreat until he’s better.

He continues to see the negative effects of his hero life until Prometheus says he needs to storm the police station to get to Diaz. This was Diaz’s plan all along.

Oliver dons his Hood suit to attack the police station. Felicity finds out what’s going on and stops him from heading into an ambush. They make a very Arrow escape by ziplining away.

Oliver is impeached and now Diaz has complete control of the city.

Even with the strong work from Stephen Amell and Paul Blackthorne, guest star Josh Segarra stole every scene as Prometheus.

This episode finally made the writers’ quest to break up the team make some sort of sense, as it led to Oliver going back to basics and taking on Diaz alone.

Also happening around Star City:

Check out Stephen Amell’s live tweet of the episode, it was hilarious.

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