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Superman’s Heroism Shines in First Look at The Death of Superman Animated Film

First look footage for The Death of Superman’s forthcoming animated film has surfaced online, courtesy of special features in the recently released Suicide Squad: Hell to Play. The video showcases clips from the adaptation and contains footage of the film’s producers discussing their vision for the project. Check it out below:

This footage comes days after Warner Bros. announced the voice cast for animated feature film. The cast includes Jerry O’Connell as Superman, Jason O’Mara as Batman, and Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, all of whom are seen in the video above. In fact, most of the League appears at least once in the footage, as does Doomsday, the narrative’s main villain.

The Death of Superman is part one of a two part story, and is slated to hit store shelves sometime this summer. An unspecified date in 2019 will see the launch of part two, Reign of the Supermen.

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