‘Black Panther’ Dethrones ‘The Avengers’, Becomes Highest Grossing Domestic Superhero Film of All Time

Now, are any of us really surprised? The answer to that is a resounding no, but before the end of the day on Saturday, March 24th, Black Panther will take the top spot away from Avengers -a spot that they have been holding on to since 2012 – to be the highest grossing domestic superhero film of all time. And they did it in only 36 days. 

Now if we want to get super technical and count inflation, then Avengers does still have T’Challa beat as their total is at around $700 million, but the film has also been out for six years so they’ve had a bit more time to accumulate their total.

636543822692504284-BlackPanther596d2f1ee2e25.jpgBlack Panther currently has about a $1.2. billion worldwide gross and is rapidly inching its way from its 14th spot to the top ten on the list of All Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses. The estimated total for the film after the March 24th weekend is around $630.5 million, while The Avengers sits at $623.2 million.

So how many times have you seen Black Panther? Or Are you now waiting for the DVD release to watch it again? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

source: businessinsider.com


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