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‘Black Lightning’ S1 Ep.8: ‘The Book of Revelations’ Review

After last week’s surprising death of Lady Eve, Jeff, with Anissa’s help, is out to prove his innocence.

We open with Jeff training Anissa, cut with news interviews of citizens vilifying Black Lightning for Lady Eve’s murder. He’s not quite Oliver tough, but he’s not Barry supportive either. Jeff’s style is somewhere in the middle, though it’s definitely more preachy.

Gambi has a mysterious meeting with someone from the ASA about Black Lightning killing Lady Eve. Mystery jerk wants Black Lightning dead and is bringing agents into town to take him out.

Turns out Green Light was all part of some crazy experiment on the citizens of Freeland, because when in doubt use black people.


Cress WIlliams as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning and Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce in the Black Lightning epusode The Book of Revelations. Source: Black Lightning Wiki

Just when it seemed like the show was running out of issues to tackle, they played the government conspiracy card, which might be the most interesting story they’ve revealed so far.

So does this mean that Lady Eve’s shadow council is really the ASA?

It would’ve been better if we learned all this information about Gambi and Lady Eve while she was still alive. James Remar and Jill Scott were great together.

As usual, Lynn is freaking out about vigilantes. Now that we’re past the setting up stage, there needs to be more to her character than hand wringing and stringing Jeff along.

A visit to the morgue helps Anissa, Jeff and Gambi figure out that Lady Eve was killed by a nuclear powered weapon, not a lightning strike. Gambi reluctantly confirms this information, looking as though his secrets are closer to coming out.

It was sad to see a quick moment of him mourning Eve as they examined her body.

Resurrected Lala has a new swagger, but he’s also having a conversation with Lawanda, the woman he murdered, so it’s a good news, bad news situation.

Gambi continues to lie to Jeff about everything, but later, in church, the weight of everything is clearly becoming too heavy for him to carry alone.

Lynn discovers that the vaccine from Alvin’s research matches Green Light. She goes to Gambi to see if knows anyone who can help and she starts to put the pieces together that he’s more involved than he wants to say.

Jeff and Anissa track the weapons to the woods and find the dead assassins. Instead of Henderson, one of Freeland’s many dirty cops shows up to destroy the evidence and Anissa saves him.

1x08-Gambi-white hair lady

James Remar (left) as Peter Gambi in the Black Lightning epusode The Book of Revelations. Source: Black Lightning Wiki

Exhausted by all his lies, Gambi decides to finally come clean with Jeff. He was a government agent sent to Freeland to report on a vaccine experiment that was meant to keep black people docile during political upheaval.

The side effect of the vaccine created metahuman children, so a disgusted Gambi leaked the story to Alvin and it got him killed.

This revelation breaks Jeff and he tells Gambi to stay away from him and his family.

A near fall by her best friend triggers Jennifer’s powers and China Anne McClain may finally have something to do. As the hour ends, she reveals her discovery to Anissa.

Looks like we may be getting Thunder and Lightning.

It was great to get Gambi’s backstory, but it would have played better as a flashback where we could’ve felt the full impact of the ASA’s machinations.

Also happening around Freeland:

Absolutely no one is surprised that mysterious government jerk is racist.

Thank God Lawanda disappeared, I wasn’t ready to describe that shower scene.

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