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‘Arrow’ S6 Ep.15: ‘Doppelgangers’ Review

With the city still headed for financial ruin, Black Siren outsmarts everyone when she shows up pretending to be Earth-1 Laurel, giving a very public press conference and “reunion” with Oliver and Quentin.

The money she stole from James is gone, so the city still has no way to pay employees. The corrupt police captain suggests selling off seized assets to raise the funds. There’s no way this is a good idea.

Oliver’s lawyer says she can get the case against him dropped because the evidence came from Cayden James. The DA’s new surprise witness is Roy Harper.

The dirty cops are torturing Roy to get him to testify, but the team’s first escape attempt is thwarted when there’s too many cops.

6x15-roy-thea (2)

Colton Haynes as Roy Harper and Willa Holland as Thea Queen in the Arrow episode Doppelgangers. Source: Comic Book Movie

Oliver and the team figure out that Diaz killed James and it becoming increasingly clear that Diaz controls more of the city than anyone knows.

Seriously, Oliver and Quentin may be the only city employees not in his pocket.

Diaz fakes Roy’s transfer and kidnaps him. He then threatens Thea to get Roy to cooperate.

Black Siren tells them exactly where Diaz is keeping Roy and it all seems way too convenient, but they go in anyway.

Our heroes are outnumbered, but they still charge in to save Roy.

6x15-laurel-quentin (2)

Katie Cassidy as Black Siren/Laurel and Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance in the Arrow episode Doppelgangers. Source: Comic Book Movie

Speedy escapes with Roy, but obviously they can’t capture Anatoli and Diaz yet. It’s only episode 15, there’s still a big chunk of the season left.

Black Siren actually didn’t betray them this time, but she still can’t be trusted and is possibly playing a long con.

As Thea and Roy celebrate being back together, a mysterious figure says they’ve located the Heir to the Demon. Apparently, the League of Assassins isn’t as dead as we all thought.

It was nice to see the real Team Arrow reunited. Perhaps the writers should take note and realize that’s who should be backing up Oliver in the field.

Also happening around Star City:

Curtis tells Zoe about Rene and is presumably taking care of her.

Considering how much he’s messed up and the fact that he’s on trial for being the Green Arrow, how is Oliver still the mayor?


Dinah gets herself assigned to Laurel’s case

Quentin still naively believes he can change her


is controlling the police department


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