‘Deadpool 2’s’ David Leitch May Direct Upcoming ‘Fast and Furious’ Spinoff

According to Variety, David Leitch is the front runner for Universal’s upcoming untitled Fast and Furious spinoff that focuses on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character, Luke Hobbs, and Jason Statham’s character, Deckard Shaw.

Universal has been planning to make a spin-off for The Rock’s character since the franchises fifth film, however, it was his chemistry with Statham’s character that really drove the studio to produce this upcoming project.

Writer Chris Morgan has already finished the script for the film at the beginning of the year. The film is set to start filming in August due The Rock’s busy schedule this year with multiple movie and TV show releases.

Leitch certainly has the directing chops in the action film industry with critical and cultural hit John Wick and Atomic Blonde and is said to be looking for a new challenge after his meeting with the Universal execs.

Catch David Leitch’s Deadpool 2 coming to theaters on Memorial Day this year.

What do you think about Leitch directing the Fast and the Furious spin-off? Let us know in the Comments below.

Source: Variety


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