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‘Supergirl’ S3 Ep.13: ‘Both Sides Now’ Review

Tonight’s Supergirl heads into the midseason finale with the team searching for one of the other worldkillers.

They track down Purity to her house and find her singing Lisa Loeb. She’s regular Julia Freeman until the sight of a full DEO SWAT team scares her into becoming Purity.

Kara feels like she can get past Purity to get to Julia. Alex has another plan and interrogates her like a boss. It was cool to see Alex’s tough agent persona show up for the first time in awhile.

Purity says there never was a Julia and it’s all been an act since she arrived on Earth.


Krys Marshall as Purity in the Supergirl episode Both Sides Now. Source: TV Line

Alex is clearly losing her composure with the worldkiller. She wants Kara to put her feelings on the backburner for once.

While Kara and Alex are locked in a mental battle with Purity, Mon-El needs J’onn and Winn to help him repair the Legion ship.

Apparently time travel is taking a toll on Imra and Mon-El’s relationship, as things were quite testy on the ship. Hopefully this isn’t leading to a reunion between Kara and Mon-El, since it’s time for her to see that she and Winn belong together.

Mon-El confesses to J’onn that he and Imra started out as an arranged marriage for political reasons. Being back has made everything complicated, because it’s bringing up his feelings for Kara.

J’onn, who has become everyone’s father, advises him to be honest and talk to Imra.

Side note: We need to see J’onn and Joe West have a drink and talk about constantly solving all these kids’ problems.


Jeremy Jordan as Winn, David Harewood as J’onn and Amy Jackson as Imra in the Supergirl episode Both Sides Now. Source: TV Line

Alex gets back to questioning Purity and things get heated when Purity reads her and spills all of the tea. She puts all of Alex’s emotional business in the streets while Kara listens. This inspires Kara to realize that Purity is in fact evil.

Purity is able to turn on the Kryptonian crystal and send a message to Sam, who goes all Reign and abandons Ruby at the ice skating rink.

She then escapes the DEO, because it’s the least secure base ever and villains break out all the time. The only place less secure is STAR Labs.

They track her down to the subway, and of course Reign is also trying to find her first.

Kara, J’onn and Mon-El have found a way to defend against Purity’s powers, but she causes the station to start collapsing. Just as she’s about to beat Kara, Alex shows up to appeal to Julia and saves Kara.

Reign is about to kill Alex, but Julia gives herself up to save her, so now Reign has another worldkiller at her side. They just need Pestilence to complete the band.


Odette Annable as Sam and Katie McGrath as Lena in the Supergirl episode Both Sides Now. Source: TV Line

Back on the Legion ship, Mon-El tells Imra that he doesn’t know if he’s still in love with Kara, which is something you never want to hear from your husband.

Since the show will be off while Legends of Tomorrow finishes up, you’d think there would be more of a cliffhanger, but the episode just ends with Lena saying she knows what’s wrong with Sam.

Really!? That’s what we’re left with? No major reveals or story developments.

The first half of the season has moved very slow. It’s to the point where the storyline has actually become boring, so here’s hoping things pick up and get going when it comes back.

Supergirl returns to The CW Monday, April 16.

Also happening around National City:

Ruby knows something is wrong with her mom and she acts like a different person sometimes. Smart kid.

Yes, James and Lena have just started dating, but maybe Alex and Lena fall in love and adopt Ruby after Sam either dies or has to leave.

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