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Michael K. Williams and Esai Morales Cast in Sony’s ‘Superfly’ Remake

Michael K. Williams—who you might know from the hit series The Wire—has officially signed on to star in Sony’s Superfly as Scatter. Earlier this month it was announced that Black-ish actor Allen Maldonado had ben cast as Litty, as well as Grown-ish‘s Trevor Jackson in the starring role of Youngblood Priest. Now, Sony revealed that How to Get Away With Murder’Esai Morales has also been cast as Adalberto.

The script is by Alex Tse, and it is based on the original 1972 crime drama. It follows Williams’ Scatter as a retired cocaine dealer who now runs a restaurant with Jackson’s Youngblood Priest, and they have to pull off one last deal before stopping for good. The film is being directed by music video veteran Director-X, who famously directed Drake’s Hotline Bling and Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta

Rapper Future is attached as a producer, as well as developing the soundtrack for the film. Steven R. Shore, Matthew Hirsch, Hal Sadoff, and Aaron Auch are set to executive produce as well.

Superfly will be in theaters on June 15.

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Source: Deadline



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