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Universal Announces a ‘Jurassic World’ Live Tour

Jurassic World has brought back plenty of events and merchandise for fans of the Jurassic Park franchise to enjoy, and now Universal has announced that it’s producing a new live, touring experience for fans.

The live show, which will go on the road in 2019, will feature a head of life-size dinosaurs and projection mapping, designed to make venues look just like Isla Nubar. So far, the confirmed dinosaurs to appear will be the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Blue, Owen Grady’s Velociraptor. Other “favorites” are promised, so we might also get to see a life-size version of the Indominus Rex too.

The live show, which will start in fall of 2019, will start with a United States tour, and then move into a worldwide tour afterwards. There’s already a site put up for the experience, allowing fans to be the first to get information as it comes out.

Do you plan on making it to a show? Let us know in the comments!

Source: EW

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