‘The IT Crowd’ Gets Third US Remake Attempt With Orginal Creator Graham Linehan

We are about to discover if the third time is truly the charm as popular UK series The IT Crowd gets its third attempt at a US remake. As we all know, remake attempts aren’t always a bad thing. Without them, we wouldn’t have The Office, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Being Human. However, we have also seen time and time again that sometimes, shows just don’t seem to transfer over like with The Inbetweeners, Bad Education, SKINs and various others. Misfits is currently going through the US remake attempt for the Freeform Channel with Victoria Mahoney set to direct the pilot episode.

The first attempt to bring The IT Crowd across the Atlantic happened back in 2007 for NBC and the pilot starred Joel McHale and even had Moss’ original actor, Richard Ayoade reprising his role.


The show was tried again in 2014 by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, but it never even made it to the pilot stage of production. The difference with this attempt, is that the creator of the original British series Graham Linehan is getting involved, meaning the original heart and humor of what made the show so loveable in the first place is bound to not only return, but possibly flourish and actually be successful.

So, are you down for an American reboot of The IT Crowd or do you think we should leave well enough alone and stream the show on Netflix? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

source: empireonline.com


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