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Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher Confirm Fan Theories About Their DCEU Characters

In just two days, we’ll be seeing the League finally uniting in the DCEU, and while we are eager to see them on the big screen, apparently two members of the team -excluding the Trinity- have already appeared in this Universe, we just didn’t know it.

According to Jason Momoa -our Aquaman- and Ray Fisher -our Cyborg- Zack Snyder told them little easter eggs where their characters interacted in the DCEU, as their plan has always been that they have always been in the same universe, not something that got planned in the last minute.

Ray Fisher’s little “cameo” -prior to his Cyborg transformation- happens in Batman V Superman, exactly when we see the football game between Gotham and Metropolis.

“[..] if you look at Batman v Superman, when Gotham City University is getting destroyed by Metropolis [in football] 50 to nothing. If you track it back timeline wise, that would have been just around the time Victor Stone, who was their all-star quarterback, got into his accident and was no longer able to be a part of the team.”

“So they started getting run,” added Ben Affleck.

“They needed Viccy Stone to come help,” Fisher concluded.


Even though is a small cameo, the fact that Zack Snyder intentionally included this sequence during the film’s introduction to Batman shows how planned he had his version of the League.

But Aquaman’s cameo takes us back way before Batman V Superman, we’re talking about Man of Steel, the first movie of this shared universe, back when Clark was saving an oil rig.

“I’ll give you a cool little thing that’s not in this movie, but what Zack told me his idea of what he was doing for Aquaman. In Man of Steel, when Henry is saving, on the oil rig, he’s holding that up. And all the sudden you just see him, he kinda floats up on the ocean. Snyder’s like, ‘I had Aquaman save him, so that they did cross paths at one point.’ So when Bruce goes, ‘Have you heard of Superman?’ I’m like, I have. We have crossed paths.”


With these new reveals, is good to know that Zack knew what he wanted ever since stepping up to direct Man Of Steel and that his view has been always directed towards uniting the League.

What do you think about this news? What are your thoughts on this little “easter eggs”?
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Source: DC – All Access

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