Netflix Working on Three Possible ‘House of Cards’ Spinoffs

In the wake of sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey, Netflix announced that House of Cards will end after its currently filming sixth season.

Now comes the news that Netflix and producer Media Rights Capital are working on three possible spinoffs of the series.

One would focus on Frank Underwood’s (Spacey) trusted aide Doug Stamper, played by Michael Kelly. Doug has supported Frank through all his underhanded and nefarious schemes, sometimes getting caught in the crossfire himself.

Kelly has been nominated three times for an Emmy for best supporting actor in a drama for his work on House of Cards.

house of cards-remy-mahershala ali (2)
Perhaps Mahershala Ali’s Remy could be the subject of a House of Cards spinoff? Source: Bustle

There are currently no specifics for the other two spinoff ideas, though they will take place in the same world as House of Cards.

The series was Netflix’s first critically successful and widely watched original drama. It paved the way for Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things and all of the Marvel shows.

Will you watch a House of Cards spinoff or are you completely done with the series?

Source: Variety


1 comment on “Netflix Working on Three Possible ‘House of Cards’ Spinoffs

  1. Judith Winer

    I love House of Cards and think all the acting is brilliant. It’s too bad people’s personal shit has to enter the picture but sometimes understandable. I would be so happy to see a spin off!


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