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Oscars: The UK Selects Feminist Western Urdu Film ‘My Pure Land’ for Foreign-Language Category

The United Kingdom has chosen My Pure Land, an Urdu-language feature film being described as a ‘feminist western’, as its submission for Oscar consideration for the upcoming 2018 ceremony in the foreign-language film category. It is directed by first timer Sarmad Masud and it marks the first time that Britain has submitted an Urdu-language film to contend for an Academy Award.

The UK has only twice been nominated and has yet to win in the foreign-language category. My Pure Land could be the film that changes all of that. The feminist western drama is based on a true story of a mother and her daughters who survive a siege and protect their ancestral land in rural Pakistan against the invasion of 200 bandits. It has been received well by critics and currently holds 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.


The Academy will announce the nominees for best foreign-language film on January 23rd 2018 whilst the ceremony takes places on March 4th 2018.

You can watch the trailer right here:

My Pure Land is currently in cinemas at London, Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham in the UK. Be on the look-out for a review of the movie right here at Geeks of Color.

Source: THR

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