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Marvel ‘Working On’ Getting X-Men & Fantastic Four Rights Says Stan Lee

“Give the rights back to Marvel!” says the MCU fanboy in every comment section ever of any Fox/Marvel movie related news. Well that guy just may have been on to something if Stan Lee has any say in it! 20th Century Fox has owned the X-MenFantastic Four film rights for over 17 years now; with recent reports of another Fantastic Four reboot/spinoff and a bunch of upcoming X-Men movies, many believed that seeing these characters coexist in the MCU wouldn’t be a possibility for a long time.

At Wizard World Nashville, creator Stan Lee had some interesting thoughts on the matter and didn’t hold back. Check out what he had to say when asked about the future addition of the X-Men & Fantastic Four in the MCU:

“Sooner or later, they’re going to get the rights back to all our characters. They’re working on it, and they’re still making X-Men movies and stuff. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get more Marvel superheroes than you’ll have time to look at in the next few years.”


There you have it folks. Can the X-Men/Fantastic Four & Avengers coexist without making a mess of things? There are definitely some awesome pros that come with this but is this something that the MCU or Fox would need? Maybe with the Fantastic Four but I don’t see it for the X-Men. But hey, what do I know? What do you guys think? Excited for the possibility of the X-Men & Fantastic Four in the MCU?



  1. I really believe the X movies would be better in the hands of Marvel…nothing like getting get old home treatment. (Sidenote): I really respect how the MCU has made Mr. Lee an integral part of their company considering the fact that there would be no MCU without his genius…

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