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Hasbro Files Trademark Lawsuit Against DC Over Bumblebee

Despite the fact that comic book characters from rival companies frequently share looks, costumes, powers and even names, Hasbro has decided that they want sole ownership of the name Bumblebee.

Hasbro has filed a trademark-infringement lawsuit against DC Comics and Warner Bros. about the use of the Bumblebee name to sell toys.

Hasbro is saying that DC’s black female heroine Bumblebee could be confused on toy shelves with its yellow and black transforming robot car.


Clearly these two Bumblebees are very similar and could be easily confused. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

DC Comics’ Bumblebee made her first appearance in 1977. She uses her super suit to shrink and create electric stinging blasts. More importantly she has found new popularity as part of DC’s Superhero Girls line.

Transformers’ Bumblebee first showed up in 1983 and has become one of the franchise’s most popular characters based on its appearance in the successful movies. In fact the fun transformer is so well-liked that it’s getting its own spinoff film.

Hasbro has filed the suit to block sales of DC Superhero Girls toys and LEGO sets featuring Bumblebee.

So, what do you think about Hasbro’s suit? Do you often confuse the two Bumblebees?

Source: Comic Book Resources

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