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Pedro Pascal May Play Villain in ‘The Equalizer’ Sequel

Pedro Pascal is currently in negotiations to play the villain in Antoine Fuqua’s sequel to The Equalizer.


Denzel Washington in The Equalize. Image via Collider.

“Plot details are currently scarce, other than that Washington will reprise his role as Robert McCall, a former special ops agent who now helps those who can’t defend themselves. Details on Pascal’s character are unknown.”

The first film was released in 2014. The Denzel Washington led action film earned $192 million worldwide, and moderately good critical response. It was not a massive hit but it outperformed similar revenge flick John Wick and the final Taken film. The sequel will be released in September 14th 2018.

“Based on the 1970s TV series, “The Equalizer” followed McCall as a simple man who worked at a Home Depot-style store and kept a quiet life. His secret past, however, was brought to light when he took on a Russian syndicate to defend a young girl who was badly beaten by her pimps, who worked for the mob.”

Pascal has recently jumped into films after a string of acclaimed tv performances. He played Prince Oberyn in season 4 of Game of Thrones, and is one of the leads of the hit Narcos on Netflix. Pascal will be seen next in Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle, as one of the member of the American secret spy agency, The Statesmen. He was also co-lead with Matt Damon in The Great Wall.

Pascal has charisma, and range that should offer him many opportunities in Hollywood. Starring opposite Washington will be a great test of his star power and acting ability. He is still negotiations, nothing is set yet, but hopefully he signs. Pascal is a star and has been putting in spectacular performances for years.

Source: Variety.

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