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COMICS: Kitty Pryde Fights Against Deportation in ‘X-Men: Gold’

The X-Men, a team of heroes who, throughout their tenure, represented individuals who struggled for both human and Civil Rights as they faced threats which were analogues to real-world antagonistic ideals against Blacks, Hispanics and members of the LGBTQ community.

The Sentinels worked as a form of Immigration Customs Enforcement.

Colonel William Stryker, a religious fanatic who utilized a team of trained soldier’s known as “The Purifiers” to commit hate crimes against Mutantkind. He served as an analogue to such abysmal groups like the Westboro Baptist Church and Soviet Nationalists and their treatment of homosexuals.

Now, the X-Men will face their greatest enemy…. One that hits a little too close to home: The United States Government and their attempts to deport mutantkind.

Within the pages of X-Men Gold #9 a new story arc has been given rise, one which showcases the mutant heroine Kitty Pryde as she is summoned to the nation’s capital, where a committee of government officials are arguing amongst themselves about a controversial and indecent scheme known as the Mutant Deportation Act, the specifics of which are pretty self-explanatory.

But, it doesn’t take long for Kitty to stand up against one of the congressman’s intolerant ideals.

But, it doesn’t stop the man from responding with an intolerant statement, that I and many other Hispanics know all too well:

“Mutants aren’t human. I don’t care if that sounds politically incorrect, it’s the truth.”
A vile statement, with Mexicans instead of mutants, which has been heard on real-world right-wing national media and spouted by malicious political leaders.

Kitty Pryde refuses to let the congressman win and compares the law to Japanese internment camps, along with pointing out how mutantkind has been a savior of the American people throughout the years.

But, as the issue ends, the audience is given a cliffhanger…. It is revealed that the Mutant Deportation Act has enough votes to send the bill into Senate, something which is all too frightening for both an audience member such as myself and the X-Men group as a whole.

Now, as mentioned beforehand, I’m a Hispanic male and this topic, deportation, is something I despise and I’m glad the X-Men are taking a stand against it in their own way.

What do you guys think? Are you enjoying X-Men: Gold? What do you think about this story arc? Let us know in the comments below! (or if you’re a Trump supporter… Don’t.)

Source: X-Men Gold #9


  1. Agreed…it’s time for the X-Men to get back to taking on social issues again anyway. One of the main reasons Mr. Lee started the series in the first place….

  2. And one other thing…albeit on a lighter note…it’s kinda dope to see a grown Kitty…i remember how afraid of Nightcrawler she was and how unsure of herself she used to be…you rarely get to see characters grow from childhood to adulthood…

  3. “A vile statement, with Mexicans instead of mutants, which has been heard on real-world right-wing national media and spouted by malicious political leaders.”
    Who has ever said that? Can you link to a single video or article with a quite from “national media” or “political leaders”?
    They should have read the definition of deportation over there are Marvel before starting this story. The whole thing is stupid.

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