Whoopi Goldberg, Angelica Ross, Sasheer Zamata and Hill Harper Cast in ‘Ghetto Plainsman’

A film adaptation of the Jarid Manos novel, Ghetto Plainsman is in the works and it’s just been announced by The Hollywood Reporter that Whoopi Goldberg, Hill Harper, Angelica Ross and Sasheer Zamata have been added to the cast.

The book is about a man named Marcus who is dealing with self-identity and self-hatred while falling into prostitution and drug dealing during the 1980s and 1990s in New York.

Harper is set to play a lawyer named Thomas who is a potential love interest to Marcus, while Goldberg will portray Zaures, the drug lord running the ring that Marcus works for. Ross will star as Tiffany, a trans woman who is Marcus’s neighbour and ally, and Zamata is set to be Marcus’s college friend, Lahumba.

Carlton Jordan, Elizabeth Hunter and Jordan Walker-Pearlman have written the screenplay based off of the Manos work, with Walker-Pearlman also set to direct the film.

What do you think about the cast for the book-to-film adaptation of Ghetto Plainsman? Let us know in the comment section below.

The release date for Ghetto Plainsman has yet to be set.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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