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SOTD: “About Us” by Keystone and Ron Prince

Todays SOTD is “About Us” by Keystone and Ron Prince


Listen here on ITunes and Soundcloud

Fun Fact today’s song of the day comes from some people I personally know.  Spencer and Ron or better known on these musical streets as Keystone and Ron Prince have been friends of mine for a good amount of time now.

Over that course of time I have been able to see them create a sound for themselves and really come in their own as artist, when I first heard “About Us” it was stuck in my head all day.  It’s such a summer song and is always in rotation in my jeep, I’ve had multiple people ask me for the name of the song and you know if you are on the aux cord that is the ultimate honor.

“About Us” was produced and written by Keystone and Ron Prince, as I said before the sound is very wavy and will fit in nicely on the “Geekin’ in the summer playlist” The flow and auto tune of the song gives it a very smooth sound.  The light keyboard melody in the background is very Calvin Harris-eske. My favorite few bars has to be:

“Straight out a magazine my favorite Issue

They can never discredit if they diss you

If they talking top 5 they better list you”

“About Us” is the perfect song to listen to windows down cruising during the summer time. Looking forward to seeing Ron and Spencer improve even more on their craft first hand! Hope you guys enjoy these talented friends of mine.

“About Us” by Keystone and Ron Prince is available on ITunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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