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New Footage and Panel Discussion for ‘Justice League’ #SDCC2017

Today, at SDCC 2017 we got what’ve expecting for a long time, a new trailer/footage for the upcoming Justice League, and boy, it was more than epic.

The trailer/footage is four minutes long, but while it shows some epic scenes and taglines, it doesn’t give away very much of the plot, except adding details to parts we already know are true.

Here’s the new trailer in case you missed it!

The trailer first shows us Commissioner Gordon lighting up the BatSignal, while the League seems to be preparing for battle.

The Logo is presented and the trailer officially begins.

In the first scene we see a bank robbery is happening (the location is unknown) and everyone seems afraid… Until Wonder Woman bargains into the bank (adding scenes to what we’ve previously seen in the first Justice League trailer) while the song “Come Together” (also from the previous trailer) begins to sound as she fights the bad guys in the bank.

Later, in her job in Paris (as seen in Wonder Woman) asks her what she did on the weekend, and she responds evasively, saying nothing interesting, which seems a little undersell. Yeah, it might not be as epic as what you’ve done Diana, but still.

Then we see a view of London, where we can see a Superman logo in its bridge, while a news anchor says (in voice-off) “The world is still mourning the death of the Superman”. Next, several news anchors began talking while we’re shown footage of the Superman memorial and some news headlines.

Gordon lights up the BatSignal and Bruce is shown looking over his city, while a news anchor wonders “Where is the Gotham Bat?” and maybe is stretching what is shown to us, but it seems Batman has not been very attentive to his own city since Superman died in BVS.


We cut to Diana saying to Bruce “they said the age of heroes will never come again” to which Bruce responds, “it has to, we don’t have any more time” while we have our first look at  Themyscira, the home of the Amazonians, in Justice League.

We can also appreciate in the trailer that the League will not fight alone, as the Amazonians are shown fighting against someone (probably in Apokolips) and being in possession of a Mother Box, which later is stolen by Steppenwolf.

Later, we are shown Atlantis (most likely the footage Zach Snyder was working on back in March), where Aquaman swims to the ancient Atlantean King while Steppenwolf says, “No protectors here, No Lanters” (a clear reference at Green Lantern) “No Kryptonian” where we see Bruce in the BatCave in front of what it looks like a Holographic Red Cape (probably, after Superman’s death in BVS, Bruce build his own Clark’s memorial, just like he did with Jason’s).

We then see Barry touching what it could the Speed Force, with Iris West behind him, as lighting is show around him, finally breaking it. This probably hints that we might see Flash’s origin, maybe in a flashback.


Steppenwolf then says, “The world will fall” while he smashes the ground with his weapon and destruction begins to spread only to finish with “Like all the others”, hinting that he has destroy various worlds for years and is still a slave of Thanos.

“One misses the days when one’s biggest concerns were exploding wind-up penguins” Alfred says to Bruce while he’s looking at some screens.

We see Steppenwolf with his army, and Aquaman saying “We’re all going to die”, and same, but for different reasons. Me? Waiting for this movie.

“We do this together” says Diana as the team prepares for the battle and in that small scene we see how much Diana will grow from BVS to JL, with her character act cohesive  to what we saw at Wonder Woman.

The trailer shows us that, while the others have done some fighting, Cyborg and Flash are new to all this and everything they’re facing is bigger than anyone ever expected it to be, and as Flash say to Batman “It’s really cool you guys seem ready to do battle and stuff, but I’ve never done battle. I’ve just pushed some people and run away”.

And please, let Batman pep talk be awesome.

Then, Cyborg, says to Alfred “I’ll taking from here” while taking control of the BatPlane and Alfred doesn’t know what is happening.

In this new footage/trailer, we see that the movie will have some great visuals and special effects, looking specially neat when Barry is running faster than light and The League is fighting against Steppenwolf.

The movie also appears to have more humour, as we see how Batman, like in previous movies, cartoons and comics, vanishes from Gordon while he’s still taking and some one liners Barry seems to have.

The trailer finalises with Alfred saying to someone (coff coff Superman coff coff) “He said you’ll come, let’s hope it’s not too late”, most likely showing that we are going to have Superman back in the DCEU.


After the trailer/footage was dropped and fans went nuts (me included), the cast of the Justice League shared some information about the movie, like how both Flash and Cyborg bonded over getting powers through accidents and being the youngest members of the League; Ben Affleck confirming he’s going to be Batman for a while; Ezra Miller praising DC over Marvel and showing how much he knows about comics.

The cast was later asked what it was like working together and getting the call to play their characters originally, and what drove them to be part of this.

At the end of the panel, Momoa “crashed” a child’s dreams of seeing Superman return when he asked, “Is Superman going to be in the movie?” Momoa responded, “Did your parents not show you the other movie? Superman is DEAD!” Rude.

To what Gal answered “If you’re a fan of Superman, you’re going to be very, VERY happy when you watch Justice League!” and I don’t know about you guys, but I believe her.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for Justice League? Let us know in the comments below!

Justice League is set to premiere this November in theaters all over the world.

Source: Justice League.


  1. I’m not sure that’s actually a bank. Looks more like a courthouse to me. 1) Courthouse have metal detectors at the entrances, banks don’t. 2) Traditional Courthouses often have marble walls and floors 3) Courthouse have those types of benches 4) Courthouses have security guards 5) Courthouses do have kids who take field trips to them, banks not so much.

    • mmmm you’re right, that does seem fit, but now I have to ask, why would they attack a Courthouse? What’s their plan? Is it important for the plot?

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