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Early Reviews For Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ Praise Film

We are days away from the theatrical release of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The film tells the true story of 400,00 allied soldiers from France, Belgium and The British Empire being evacuated over the course of ten days while surrounded by the German Army during World War 2. Nolan is most notably known for directing the Dark Knight Trilogy but the story of Dunkirk is one he has wanted to tell for a long time. Now the early reviews on the film are in and critics are singing it’s praises.


Photo Courtesy of Indie Wire

Check out some of the excerpts from critics’ reviews below:

Dunkirk is an impressionist masterpiece. These are not the first words you expect to see applied to a giant-budgeted summer entertainment made by one of the industry’s most dependably commercial big-name directors. But this is a war film like few others, one that may employ a large and expensive canvas but that conveys the whole through isolated, brilliantly realized, often private moments more than via sheer spectacle, although that is here too. Somber, grim and as resolute in its creative confidence as the British are in this ultimate historical narrative of having one’s back to the wall, this is the film that Christopher Nolan earned the right to make thanks to his abundant contributions to Warner Bros. with his Dark Knight trilogy. He’s made the most of it.
– The Hollywood Reporter
Steven Spielberg laid claim to the Normandy beach landing, Clint Eastwood owns Iwo Jima, and now, Christopher Nolan has authored the definitive cinematic version of Dunkirk. Unlike those other battles, however, this last was not a conventional victory, but more of a salvaged retreat, as the German offensive forced a massive evacuation of English troops early in World War II. And unlike those other two directors, Nolan is only nominally interested in the human side of the story as he puts his stamp on the heroic rescue operation, offering a bravura virtual-eyewitness account from multiple perspectives — one that fragments and then craftily interweaves events as seen from land, sea and air.
– Variety
Christopher Nolan makes pop movies that aspire to be art — and vice versa — and he has perhaps never served his twin goals as successfully as he does in “Dunkirk.” In telling the story of the rescue of hundreds of thousands of blockaded Allied forces in the early days of World War II, Nolan has crafted a film that’s sensational in every sense of the word; it aims for both the heart and the head, to be sure, but arrives there via the central nervous system.
– The Wrap
Based off of these reviews, Nolan just might have another hit on his hands. The general consensus seems to be that the director has taken an overly saturated film genre and given it new life. Do these positive reviews inspire you to want to see this film? Let us know in the comments below.
SOURCE: Screenrant
Dunkirk fires into theaters Friday, July 21.

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