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Ratings Listing May Have Revealed Batman: The Telltale Series Sequel

Batman: The Telltale Series subverted popular Batman mythos in an intriguing manner when it launched and concluded its first season last year. Telltale has since been mum on whether a follow-up is in the works, but it seems that the cat (bat?) is now out of the bag. Kind of.

Appearing on New Zealand site, Film and Video Labelling Body (via Dualshockers), a ratings listing suggests a second season for Telltale’s Batman is indeed on the way. Per the listing, the sequel already has a subtitle — The Enemy Within. What offers more credence to the post is that it has Kent Mudle’s name on the “directed by” line. Mudle’s directing credits are attached to the first installment of Batman: The Telltale Series.

Bruce in Batman telltale series Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros./Telltale

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros./Telltale

One thing to note, in regards to the listing, is that the rating says “R13 Violence & content that may disturb.” The North America rating system is the ESRB, which gave Season 1 an “M” for Mature; this may or may not indicate that Season 2, should it actually exist, will receive a “T” for Teen rating, but it’s still something of note.

On the topic of whether this project is in the works, we may not have long to find out. Recently, the Telltale Twitter page posted the following image, teasing a “summer update” during SDCC.

Do you hope the incoming news includes a Batman sequel, or are you still holding out hope for The Wolf Among Us Season 2? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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