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Neill Blomkamp Expresses Interest In An Elysium Sequel

A sequel for Elysium may not be off the table.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Blomkamp has expressed interest in creating a sequel to the Matt Damon-led film Elysium. 

Blomkamp has expressed the issues that came up during the film, specifically on “how he was too enamored with the concept of class structure obliquely presented by a space ring distracted focus from the complete picture.”

Blomkamp goes on in the quote below:

“Elysium is more something I feel like I could have done better. I think that if you were to take something like Elysium and play with it inside a setting like this you probably would hone it – you would end up, I think, with something well thought through and that has all of the thematic elements that I wanted. I still love the set up to Elysium. The idea of the separation of class warfare presented with this space ring is incredibly appealing to me and I would love to go back and make another movie in the world of Elysium because it’s compelling. I just think I can do a better job in setting up what the themes are more clearly and what the character’s motivations are. I can do it better, I think.”

The possibility of another film in the Elysium universe becomes the selling point for Oats Studios, which is currently releasing Volume 1 of its film shorts. Oats Studios allows Blomkamp “to play with various high-concepts and realize them in twenty-minute films that could – should they prove popular with the audience – be made into full features.

Would you like to see a sequel to Elysium, or another film within the universe?

Source: Screenrant

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