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‘Scarface’ Reboot Loses Yet Another Director

When Universal announced a year ago that they would be rebooting the film Scarface many felt that it was disrespectful to the 1983 classic which itself was a remake. However, many found comfort when director Antoine Fuqua, frequently known as the master of the remake, took the project. Those hopes were dashed when the talented director departed from the project due to scheduling issues. Enter David Ayer who landed the project fresh off his box office giant Suicide Squad. Although his time as the Scarface helmer would be short lived, as David Ayer has now also walked away from the project.

Reportedly David Ayer also had scheduling issues with the project. Universal is anxious to get this project rolling, but Ayer’s obligations to his upcoming Netflix film Bright forced him to also depart from the film.

Right now the film with no director does have a star in Diego Luna. Luna is a hot commodity after the huge box office and critical success Star Wars: Rogue One received. He will also be appearing in another remake Flatliners this year.


Scarface is slated for a 2018 release date. This seems unlikely and will more than likely be pushed back if the film continues to have setbacks. Regardless, this seems to be a film that not many people want.

What do you think? Is the movie better served without Ayer, or was Ayer saved by avoiding this remake mishap? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Variety 

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