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‘Black Lightning’ Said To Put Black Men/Families At The Center

This past weekend during Essence Festival Mara Brock-Akil, the writer and co-creator of Black Lightning shed some light on the upcoming series during a speaking event. The pilot is slated to be shown at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and when asked what audiences can expect to be shown in the series, Akil revealed that one of their goals in writing the show was to offer a more positive image of the black man and the dynamic of the black family. Check out her statement below:

“What we want to do is put Black men and the Black family back at the center. A lot of the other shows have been led through the view of Black women, so it’s time to place the Black male back and give him a voice at the table. We have to take back the image of Black men raising their families.”


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Brock-Akil also went on to confirm that the actresses Nafessa Williams and China Anne McClain who will be playing the daughters of Black Lightning will also have special abilities. She explained that the image of two young black girls with super powers will be another positive image for viewers:

“His daughters will have powers. So, two young black girls are going to be in a superhero suit. The empowerment that we have to help, save, and be the hope in our own lives is what Black Lightning is all about.”

Right now we are in the “Age of The Superhero” with comic-book properties popping up in every single television, film and streaming platform available for audiences around the globe. But despite the expanding roster of superhero properties there still seems to be a lack of realistic diversity within the casts. Shows like Agents of SHIELD and Legends of Tomorrow are breaking that mold but it’s great to know that Black Lightning will follow the adventures of a middle-class black family as the leads of a story all their own. Are you excited for the direction the show’s creators are taking the show? Lets us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Screenrant

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