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‘Wonder Woman’ is Highest Grossing DCEU Film in the US

The power of Wonder Woman knows no bounds.

Not only is she defeating armies and saving the world, she is demolishing her own Justice League teammates at the box office.

Wonder Woman is now officially the highest grossing film of the DC Extended Universe in the United States.

The amazon princess’ standalone introduction has surpassed Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Batman/Superman meet up stands at $330.366 million domestic gross and Wonder Woman is now at $330.533 million.

With its worldwide gross just above $675 million heading into the weekend, it’s expected that the game-changing film will spend the July 4th weekend surpassing $700 million around the world.


Diana takes a photo with her compatriots during WWI. Source: Warner Bros.

Even more impressive is that it only took Wonder Woman four weeks to get there, while Batman vs Superman needed a full 12 week run. Suicide Squad topped out at $325 million in 14 weeks.

This not only solidifies the popularity of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, it also shuts down the long-held stereotype that female driven action films can’t sell. Or how about the stigma that women can’t direct big budget blockbusters.

Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman fans have proven who the real star of the DCEU is.

Wonder Woman will next be seen in Justice League when it hits theaters Nov. 17.

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