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Patty Jenkins Talks ‘Wonder Woman’ Success, Criticism and Sequel

It was recently announced that Patty Jenkins had set the record for top grossing live-action film directed by a female for Wonder Woman. Not only that, but Wonder Woman surpassed Man of Steel domestic box office total.

Jenkins caught up with BuzzFeed to talk about what she’s learned since the success of Wonder Woman, how to deal with the criticism and the impending sequel that everyone already seems to be anxious for.

Jenkins was always a firm believer that a film about Diana of Themyscira could be successful, especially since the character still has such a huge fan following decades-long existence.

Jenkins told BuzzFeed, “I kept feeling like Wonder Womanhas this huge following — 75 years [after it was created], every Halloween, there’s people dressed up as Wonder Woman. I was like, Of course you should make Wonder Woman. That’s, like, a bag of money sitting in the closet. Do you want the bag of money? It could have been done badly, or something could have gone wrong with it, but I always had thought that it was going to be far more successful than other people might have. The audience is there.”


Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot on set of  Wonder Woman (Warner Bros./Clay Enos)


The director also opened up about criticism for the film. Even though it got mostly glowing reviews, there were still a few critics who poorly received the film. In acknowledgement of that Jenkins said, “Listen, I am incredibly hard on myself, and I’m very open to being relentlessly hard on the movie, as long as we need to be. But once the movie is done, there is no point. There’s nothing I can do! That chapter has passed for me, and that chapter was only really important and applicable when I could make a difference.”

Jenkins also referred to Wonder Woman 2 as a place to listen to the feedback from fans and input it into the sequel. She said, “… Even the conversations now about what Wonder Woman 2 should be — it’s important to know what the fanbase is, and it’s important to hear [from them], but it’s also important to be the storyteller and tell a story you feel confident in, and then make sure it’s the best it can be.”

When pressed for her thoughts on the sequel (which she and Geoff John have begun writing the treatment for) and if it would incorporate the same elements of action, romance and comedy Jenkins replied, “I feel much more inspired to continue on that balance. There’s always a struggle in an origin story to get to the point where that superhero exists, and now I’m dying to just let loose and have a great time with her. Not for the whole movie, but in moments. I’m excited to see her power really soar, and us have a great time having a great Wonder Woman in our world. That’s what I’m craving.”

Are you glad that to have a sequel to Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Source: BuzzFeed

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