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God of War Gets a New Trailer and Release Window

Towards the middle of their showcase, PlayStation showed off a new look at the upcoming God of War. In it, the story between Kratos and his son (the boy, as he calls him) unfolds. Apparently, the boy is “cursed.” What that entails probably won’t be widely known until the game’s 2018 release.

The gameplay trailer also displayed more of the combat, as well as a few larger than life boss fights that fans should expect to encounter. Check out the lengthy gameplay trailer below.


God of War has never fostered a dull color palette by any means. However, this extensive look seems more colorful than the series has ever been. Add that to Kratos’ emotional range broadening and the bit of humor, and we’ve got ourselves quite a different take on GoW’s classic formula.

The boy’s introduction to the series will inevitably bring about many of the differences. He appears to be helpful in combat, and apparently speaks parseltongue… who would’ve thunk?

The overarching story is still a mystery, but more details are expected to surface as E3 carries on for the next couple of days. What do you think Kratos and his son are journeying for? Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

God of War launches on PS4 in early 2018.

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