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Universal May Face Lawsuit From Warner Bros. Over ‘Justice League Dark’

If you haven’t heard, Universal announced plans to build a universe with a ‘monster’ theme, “The Mummy” being a prime example of one of the films it would be based on. It is to be dubbed “The Dark Universe”  but according to new reports, Warner Bros. might be suing Universal over the name.

Warner Bros. currently owns the film rights to DC’s Dark Universe series and according to The Holywood Reporter, they are upset with Universal for deciding to take the name for themselves. No lawsuits have been filed just yet, but Warner Bros. is said to be looking at possibilities. The studio has apparently been attached to a Dark Universe project of their own since 2013, even using it as the working title for their upcoming Justice League Dark film.

With Universal currently having the rights to the title “Dark Universe”, it could push Warner Bros. to change their plans and use the title ‘Justice League Dark’ which could end up actually working in their favor. Brand recognition is necessary in terms of longevity of a franchise, something that would very easy to start, especially due to the theatrical release of Justice League later this year.


How do ya’ll feel about the possibility of these super companies fighting? Are you excited for Justice League this fall? Let us know in the comments below!


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