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Sense8 Star Hints That Show Won’t Be Returning, Launching A Renewal Campaign

Season 2 of fan favorite Sense8 was released on Netflix less than a month ago, to generally positive reviews. The magic that made the first season so binge-worthy was back.

With the show’s active fan base across social media, a third season seemed to be without question. But on May 30th, Sense8 star Brian J. Smith made a statement on Twitter that immediately had fans concerned.  

This implies that the series, which reportedly costs $9 million dollars an episode, is in danger of not being renewed.

Following Smith’s instructions, Sense8 fans began tweeting, under the hashtag “#renewsense8.” The Twitter campaign trended in multiple countries, hopefully sending the message to Netflix and all those working on the show, that Sense8 deserves to be renewed.

Sense8 has been praised for it’s diversity and inclusivity, as well as for it’s storyline that so accurately describes the human condition, even with the elements that are far from our own reality.

Here are a few Tweets from fans of the show:

Do you want to see a third season of Sense8? Let us know in the comments below!

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