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‘Justice League’ Costume Photos Up Close & Personal!

Warner Bros. pulled no stops at this year’s Licensing Expo and it’s lit! They came through with close-ups of all the Justice League members’ costumes. Well, almost all (Superman, I’m looking at you). Needless to say the costumes look amazing.



We got a close up of Batman’s tactical suit seen in the Justice League trailer. I can say I wasn’t sold on Cyborg’s design at first but man am I glad to wrong. Cyborg looks amazing and like a literal Cyborg. I’m excited to see what Ray Fisher brings to the table for this character.



Fan favorite Flash’s suit was breathtaking since it was debuted in the teaser and Aquaman’s suit looks like MONEY. Of course our girl Princess Diana’s suit looks regal af. Now back to Supes. I love that DC is playing this right and learning from their mistakes in Batman v Superman by not giving too much away and withholding Superman images. After all, he is “dead”. Warner Bros. will also unveil #JoinTheLeague, which sounds like an interactive database to get fans even more hyped up for the movie. Here’s what THR reported on the matter:

“…A global initiative offering fans the chance to get exclusive content, sneak peeks and entrance into a number of sweepstakes tied into the movie’s release this fall. More information about the campaign, which will run in 13 languages and feature a special “#JoinTheLeague Saturday”…”

The promotion starts August 12th and can be found at

Check out the rest of the pictures below and let us know what you think!

Justice League hits theaters November 17th!

Sources: THR, Twitter (@Collider).

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