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Boruto Episode 1 and My Feelings

[This article contains information about Boruto that some may deem spoiler worthy]

The face of anime is changing. The heavy hitters I grew up with are ending: first Bleach, now Naruto. Now all we need is a certain pirate to retire then we can all spend our time watching manageably long shows (I’m looking at you One Piece). When I say I grew up with Naruto I mean that.  I first started following Naruto in 4th grade and now here I am a college graduate and I can finally say Naruto is over like actually over over.

Then along comes Boruto.


Source: Naruto Wiki

I decided to watch episode one for old times sakes, I mean why not? No, I’m not stuck in the past. I’ve moved on with my life, shut up don’t look at me.


Episode 1 started the same way as Shippuden in that it started with a flash forward to a battle that would not take place for some time, I’m sure.  The jump showed an older Boruto who has unique eyes, a sword, and a rather large scar on his face.


Source: Gaming Illiminaughty

After that brief action we meet young Boruto and friends.  The episode is mostly about Boruto standing up for his friend and discovering his eyes have some Byakugan- like abilities which isn’t suprising considering his mom, Hinata.  The episode was fun, but it is strange having the original heavy lifters in Naruto take a back seat to the next generation.  Boruto has no aspirations to be Hokage and actually extremely dislikes his father, so this will be interesting to see play out.  The times are much more modern, the kids have hand held video games, and the village even has a train.

Like I mentioned earlier, I grew up with Naruto, have been keeping up for well over a decade.  I feel the same way like I did when Harry Potter ended/ Fantastic Beast started: truly bittersweet.  So sad that it is over, but man what a ride. Boruto is an emotional rollercoaster.  It’s like when an ex that you still have love for starts hitting you up again.  At the end of the day, Naruto and I had something special and I don’t know if I have it in me personally to embark on another Naruto-themed anime adventure. I guess that is why I don’t think I will be able to fully enjoy Boruto like I did Naruto.  Will I watch the show? Who knows (I’ll prolly give it a year then watch every episode out in 3 days the way nature intended us to watch anime).

But for right now, just onnneeee more episode. I mean Rock Lee’s son is in this one! I have to!


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