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Patty Jenkins Talks Wonder Woman and the Significance of a Female-led Superhero Film

With a little less than two months standing between us and the Wonder Woman film, there is no mistaking its importance.  The film marks the first time that a big-budget superhero film is being led by a female hero and also touts a female director.

Empire had the chance to catch up with Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins to ask her about the movie, its characters, the creative process, what superheroes mean to her and how Superman: The Movie impacted her.

Firstly, Jenkins was asked about the film’s star, Gal Gadot. She was asked what makes Gal the ideal Wonder Woman and the director had high praise, citing how Gadot embodies Diana Prince:

“I didn’t get to choose her, but boy was I relieved once I realized who she was. That is like a make it or break it thing, who plays these characters. So when I first heard Zack Snyder has cast somebody as Wonder Woman, a movie I had wanted to make for a long time, I was cautious. But then, oh my God, they couldn’t have found anybody better in the whole wide world. Just look at Gal Gadot when she smiles or when she meets somebody and shakes their hand. That is the embodiment of Wonder Woman. She is so beautiful and powerful, but kind and generous and thoughtful. She’s just an amazing person.”

Jenkins also spoke about what movie inspired her. She referenced Superman: The Movie, letting Empire know why and how it made such an impact:

“It made me believe that I could be anything in my life. Yet it made me laugh, and it made me cry, and it made me fall in love with Superman and Lois Lane as a love story. And so, that is a wonderful thing to bring to other people.”

But Jenkins most poignant point came when she was asked about the significance of a female-led superhero movie and if she felt any added pressure because of this. Jenkins told Empire:

“I think it’s pretty significant, but I also didn’t think about it that way at all. I tried not to think about it, and that’s the great thing about being a woman director doing it, is I was like, “Oh, I’m just making a superhero movie.” I’m not looking at her as being any different than any other superhero. And that’s the victory. I think the reason that there wasn’t a woman superhero made for a long time is because people were assuming that it had to be a different kind of thing. Or more rarefied, or something. This is Wonder Woman. There’s nothing different. There’s Batman, there’s Superman, there’s Wonder Woman. She’s the full-blown real deal. So it’s very significant, but I also just went forth trying to make a great superhero film the same way I would have with any of them, which was great.”

For more on Wonder Woman, the villainous Ares, and more be sure to check out the full interview with Jenkins on Empire Online.

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Make sure to catch Wonder Woman when it hits theatres on June 2, 2017.

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